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Have you seen a photo on this site that you'd like to have a print of or use in something for
your own? Order archival prints here directly. You can also purchase black-and-white or
toned reproductions of any image or please contact me for any other custom manipulations
you may have in mind. I also offer imagery for business cards, promo-cards, CD covers
and calendars. Inquire about any other ideas you my have...

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Photos may not be reproduced or used in any way without written consent from Jeff Berner
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stated in contract. For information on commercial use or publication, please call or email to
ask for republication rate information or fill in the intent field in the form below.

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To order a print, enter the following information which you may submit from
this form, copy and send by email (easiest), print and send by mail or deliver in person. You
may also contact me at 585.765.2638. Please have the information below ready. I will get a
quote back to you as soon as possible. Notify me if there is a need for an express order and
I will expedite your requests.

Image Information - For ordering multiple prints of different images, copy and paste the
Image Information section of this form into an email or print out for the desired number of prints.
Copy and paste the billing information thereafter.

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