Wedding Photography Q & A


Q1) What style of photography do you do: photojournalistic, traditional, candid? Can I get photos in color and black & white?

A1) I shoot weddings in a documentary style with both many candid and posed shots, many traditional shots as well as
photojournalistic. Having experience in many fields of photography, I can shoot more towards any style you are looking for.
Talk to me about it and your ideas.
See my typical wedding style here:


Q2) Are proofs are included and also is any extra cost for mini-albums for the parents or are they included as well?

A2) Packages are absolutely fully customizable. You can get anything you want at a reasonable price! Anything. Just
name it and we can work out what you can get for your budget. The package and prices I have are only as guidelines to
get started with. Add whatever you want to a package
and its fine too if it is added after the original order.


Q3)How long will you stay at the ceremony & reception?

A3)That all depends on you. I can stay for just a ceremony and a posed photo session thereafter or go the extent of staying
till breakfast and gift opening the next day! Typically with weddings I travel to, I stay till the reception is over though maybe
shooting around 700-800 images.


Q4) Does your packages include an assistant photographer?

A4) Again, that all depends on you though typically I work solo as in the case of all the weddings from the link in Q1. I
don't like to depend on others and have my system all worked out. Occasionally though I hire an assistant for around $150
to $300 more per day rate or another pro photographer for around $300 to $600 per day. With travel work, I typically have
an assistant to help with the equipment in transit depending on your budget and destination. Also if you request many locations
for photos where I will have to take down and set up repeatedly, I will require an assistant to save time and confusion.


Q5)We would like to take formal family pictures before (or after) the wedding ceremony...

A5) Sure thing... we could take as many as time allows without trying to rush to fit it in. The best thing to do is to plan more
than enough time. Keep in mind that it takes more time to pose larger groups, elderly and children so talk over your plans
with me in detail. Also keep in mind that since I most likely am unfamiliar with the members of your family I will need help
keeping them together and organized. Let your families know the agenda too so they know where they have to be when. I
can't even guess at how much time I have spend at weddings waiting for someone to be found for group portraits then try to
hurry through the photos to get back to the reception.


Q6) Is there a different price for formals vs. candids and what is the price for a portrait of the bride & groom either 8 x 10
or 11 x14?

A6) A photo is a photo as far as I am concerned unless it requires extensive editing or retouching to get you what you want
so the are no extra fees. Prices are dependent upon when the order is placed. Much of this can be included in a package
where I can offer a much better rate. If it is a order "down the road" that I have to go back through my archives to get for
you prices are slightly higher for my efforts. Keep in mind though that I offer copyright released printable negatives or digital
files to any wedding that pays for my travel expenses at no additional charge.
See reprint prices at the bottom here:


Q7) Since you are an "out of town" photographer, how would you assure us that you would be at Celebrations on time?

A7) I take weddings very seriously as I know there is no chance for reshoots or room for error. In the past 10 years to date,
I have never been late or had to cancel. I typically arrive the day before for out of town work and either ask for a place to stay
or stay with friends if I know people in the area. In the chance there is an emergency I would try by all means to provide you
with a stand in professional photographer as I have a large network of peers all over the country.


Q8) Do you have back up equipment if anything goes wrong?

A8) Yes! This is so important with finicky electronics concerning mother nature as it rains, it snows, it can be windy, it can be
too hot or too cold! There's always room for the occasional oops when someone bumps a light to the floor too! I have extra
back up EVERYTHING right down to a needle and thread to fix a wedding gown if need be!


Q9) We would expect the photographer to be as unobtrusive as possible. Can you do that?

A9) Many shots are taken that wedding parties get back from me and tell me that they didn't know I was there to take
that photo! I am good at the "fly on the wall" technique. This is another reason I like to work alone. Every now and then
I see a wedding planner, catering service or a DJ "take over" a wedding. That is not me! This annoys me to no end. I
like to see a wedding be more natural and fun for everyone and go with the flow of it. My policy is that it is your day
not mine.

I utilize 2 or 3 wirelessly controlled strobes for lighting so there are absolutely no cords in anyone's way to trip on. Also, I
use longer telephoto lenses when there is a need to get in closer for a photo when I'd be be in the way if I just walk up there.


Q10) I tried to go to your website to see your work but it said it is “under construction”.

A10) My wedding site is under under construction though much is uploaded and all the helpful wedding links on the left
works. As I do all my own photography and website building, I very busy and haven't had the time to figure out what I will
do with the right side of my wedding webpage.


Q11) A concern I have is that if we were to make any type of appointments with you, where would we be able to see
your work or meet with you to go over our selections with you being far away?

A11) I realize this drawback as there is little I do about that unfortunately due to distance with some clients. Typically I do meet
with all clients prior to the event if they are nearby. You can see much of my work online and we could always have a meeting
over the phone. If you are on a slow connection I could always mail you a proof CD too if that helps. I am a professional and
can assure the finest quality with photos I treat
as works of art and edit each and every one myself before sending it to a pro lab.
Please see my resume' too for further assurance.


Q12) Will you sell the negatives or printable digital files?

A12) Of course. They can be included with a package or purchased a la carte.


Q13) Why doesn't the person hiring you own the negatives or digital files anyway? I don't understand.

A13) Well, that is one of the ways I make money either by selling reprints and enlargements or by selling the rights to get it
printed (copyright release) on your own. This also helps me control the quality of the prints. Most people don't use pro
photofinishing labs as I do. Even then, I send some photos back to the lab a second time for corrections as I used to be a
printer myself and I am very picky about each print.


Q14) How long does it take to get pictures back?

A14) It varies depending on: if I have to travel, how many photos are taken as I edit each one individually, if I have to send prints
back to the lab or to the publisher for corrections, how fast you decide on proofs for enlargements, and finally how busy I am and
the lab is. Proofs are typically returned in around two to three weeks. Printed books take a bit longer with layout designing time.
Most photos are
posted online for proofing within about a week though some upload sooner or later again depending how busy I


Q15) I don't understand everything in the contract. Why do we need one anyway?

A15) I will explain anything you don't understand. If there a real problem with part of it we can probably change it or take it out
to keep everyone comfortable. I use it to bind us both to honesty. I never used to have a contract but I have found that it is a
necessity unfortunately.


Q16) I have seen albums (or packages) offered from other photographers that I really liked but I don't see them offered. I like
your work but I really want that album> Can I get it through you?

A16) Tell me more about what you are looking for and I am sure I can get you what you want.


If you have ANY questions what so ever, please ask!


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