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The Site
DISCLOSURE: Keep in mind while viewing the many aspects of my work on this site that there is a huge difference between shooting photos of a band for cover art and photographing a wedding for example. Also keep in mind that some of my art can be graphic in nature. This may cause offense or be at the very least disturbing to some people. Do NOT judge me by it immediately but if you wander that path, tread forewarned and open your eyes! Try to come to an understanding of what I am trying to get across by the image. Now, go check it out and get over it!

2nd DISCLOSURE: Please note that images and artworks displayed on this site are displayed considerably smaller than originals in most cases. Some may have become overcompressed upon upload therefore appearing slightly blurry. Artworks in some cases really need their size to be appropriate or even look good. Some works that are 4 x 8 feet are displayed at maybe 4 x 8 inches for example. Also, some artwork relying on textures and subtleties just doesn't convey well across the Web medium. They were meant to be what they are and the size they are. In the future I plan to add the dimensions and a brief description to accompany all works.

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The Photography
My Photography, My Vision
Photography for me is about the experience of sight. Its about how I get into the subject with its environment and interact. Prints for the most part are the after effect; the documentation of it all. The exception is when I manipulate the imagery further to create something new. Sometimes though, it fits all the criteria of the pretty picture while most often its more important to me of what is being said and what it makes me think or feel. The image can just remind me of a time or of an experience itself too. Of course, compositioning and all the other photographic decisions are at work whether it be conscious decisions or not. When I truly give full attentiveness to my subject, I loose the whole decisive conscious notions of the the technicalities of the camera and begin to see.
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"Photography & Art"
I will explain the dichotomy in titling my website "Photography & Art" for I know that I will hear of it from a diehard photo purist. Yes, photography is an art but in most respects it is a commercial commodity, a cutout of our lives for memory sake or an art. There are many levels of art and what is and what isn't but, I am not going to go into that everlong tree falling in the forest debate here. Sure, some imagery is on a blurry line when a photograph is taken artistically but is intended for another purpose. Intention is a main factor I believe. The line is always blurry though as each new viewer brings their own thoughts to its viewing. Time exposure, freezing time, angles, perspectives, juxtapositions, and the many other mystiques of photography are other aspects to think on. Does that automatically take a photograph or the work of it to the elevation of art? I think not but then again, I guess it depends. The thought that no photograph is in the present tense or is at the very best in its passing... Now, that brings me to the notion of the very creation of the art/photograph. Art can occur there and then, the experience of its creation. Who knows? I do know that there are infinite factors and ways to to look at it and debate.
I am saying simply that all photography is not art and for now, I digress...
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Weddings: Go to my wedding website: | Weddings
I photograph weddings in a documentary style with many candid and posed situations that offer a very personal touch. There are a number of packages I offer as guidelines but will fully customize to meet your needs. All images are offered in color and digitally in black and white and antique looking sepia tones. If desired, I shoot high-speed black and white photographs during ceremonies if flash is not permitted which have a beautiful artistic grainy effect.
Retouching, hand coloring and other digital effects and manipulation are also possible upon request. A CD/DVD with a customized slideshow presentation of all proof images is included with all packages. Proof images will be uploaded onto a website which can be shared with friends and family online and far away. Most packages include a high quality proof album or a hard cover, leather/linen bound and printed book. Inquire about my NEW printed books and folios as they are not yet on my price list. Read more on my Photo Books here.

Some of my sample wedding photographs are on the wedding portion of the Portfolio Page or on the Your Wedding page. Please email me to request a price list and book your day.

My helpful wedding tips and links:
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Portraits - Nontraditional:
My portraits are typically not what everyone perceive as the traditional portrait. I set out to capture more then just a nice rendition of an individual. I try to look at their whole persona and react more to what they are really about in an instance. Sure, there is a time and place for the traditional portrait but look in a mirror and there is that very face. Change the background and there is the picture. There is clearly more about a person than their simple reflection. Besides, do you really want to see an array of the smiling faces of people you don't know here?
For some examples, go to the Portfolio Page
There is much yet to be added here.

Portraits - Traditional:
I understand that there is always a time and a need for the traditional portrait. Presently, I opt not to post a section of my site specifically designated to this. There are plenty of portraits found throughout other sections to demonstrate my work in weddings and such. If there is a standardized portrait needed, I will accommodate your needs though you make it too easy for me! For some examples, go to the Wedding
Portfolio Page or to Your Photographs Page. There is much yet to be added here.
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The essence, mood, feelings and desires we get from how we project ourselves toward others is what fashion is about. Its not so much about what we have but what it will do for us if we have it or how we we feel wearing it. The particular item is of the little concern here. Yes, it must look appealing but the idea and the little thought invoked to go buy the item must be more important. Go take a taste of what I have to offer in my Fashion Portfolio.

Alike my fashion work, as it is a product itself, I want to convey what the particular item has to offer back to the consumer. I try to show how an item will help them get what they want or need. Functionality is more important here as it is telling the specifics and showing how good an item is. Much is to be added to this section but go to the Product Portfolio page to see the preliminary photos.

I could photograph nature endlessly I think. It is so simple, yet so diverse and constantly in a state of change. I never know what to expect when venturing out. Maybe that's my attraction to it; the exploration of what is unknown to me. Its also the challenge to even get there to take a photograph in certain situations. These are photographs in the pleasure of my experiences along the paths I take. They offer me glimpses of my past as I reminisce gazing into them. I hope these images are enjoyable and invoke people to get out there.
Go to the Nature Portfolio
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My Architectural photographs are not laborious 4 X 5 works of perfectly corrected parallel lines and such. In fact, I may just get rid of my 4 X 5 as I find it laborious unless perspective changes and great detail are absolutely necessary. Then again, there is always photoshop for perspective adjustment! Anyway, the photographs here are lines, shadows, crops, skylines, reflections and other elements within structures. This section of my site is yet to be completed.

The Art
still contemplating... there is so much to be said but, the right words??? Not to mention to get all the works up here yet!
For now, check out my Galleries.

These are a series of occasions when idle thought organized itself with words which I felt compelled to write down into poetic jargon. An idea gets rolling and I need to resolve it whether it be through imagery, words or both. Sometimes I make perfect sense with myself, while at others, I do not. Most who know me would agree, I am sure. That is nothing to my concern. Regardless of this point, I share these for pleasure and to invoke thought. Some thoughts may come out as quite disturbing but honestly, who's idle thought doesn't? And those very disturbing, I may not disclose even in this compilation. This is as close to my inner thoughts I will ever allow anyone to get. Imagery is easily misread and dismissed. I feel that some of my disguise is gone when allowing my thoughts to be read. Here are my thoughts... Writings can be founds on the
Gallery Page.

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My Work

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